Placenta Extract

Since ancient times, “Placenta Extract” has always been regarded as the source of beauty and health. As early as the Qin dynasty, King Chin Shihhuang has been using Placenta Extract to sustain his youthful appearance.

Placenta Extract contains proteins, coagulation factor, erythropoietin, polysaccharide, lecithin, vitamins, enzymes, various types of amino acid and growth factor. Medically tested and proven, the skin cells become more active with the use of Placenta Extract, which in turn enhances the immunity of the skin. Consequently, Placenta Extract is extensively employed in the field of cosmetology and also health foods.

The Placenta Extract from Bb LABORATORIES originates from the Kagoshima Pig. Research has proven that pig’s placenta is closest to human DNA structure when compared with cow and sheep placenta. The results are simply remarkable! Bb LABORATORIES uses the most advanced medical-graded molecular polarisation technology to extract the essence of the placenta that offers the most benefits to human skin. This enhances cell multiplication in the skin by 9 times when compared with other placenta extracts offered in the market.

Bb LABORATORIES implements stringent manufacturing standards on highly safe products and is persistent to ensure that each product “takes care of your needs”. Experience yourself, and feel the miraculous results of the Placenta Extract series exclusive only from Bb LABORATORIES.

The Best Active Nutrients to Skin
The Extract contains large quantities of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) and various amino acids, which accelerates the multiplication of skin cells, polarisation and regeneration. All of which promotes healthy cell activity, while simultaneously suppressing melanin, dampen freckles and accelerates skin regeneration. After use, your skin will feel silky smooth and radiant than ever.

Pat over the cleansed face by palm with approximate amount of the extract. Repeat on areas that require special care. Combine it with the use of Hyalurone‧Elastin‧Collagen Extract to maximize the benefits.

Use every day in the morning and evening. Once opened, store in the fridge and use within 3 months.

30ml HKD 995 
50ml HKD 1,550