Placenta Control UV

Protects, Retouches and Brightens All in One

The Placenta Control UV can hide blemishes to achieve a flawless complexion. Placenta extract can vitalize cells, prevent the formation of melanin and promote depigmentation. Hyaluronic acid is good at moisture retention. Laminaria ochroleuca extract, ectoine, artemia extract and vitamin E are highly effective antioxidants, which promote cell metabolism rate and regeneration. Without irritating UV absorbing agents, Placenta Control UV can conceal wrinkles, pores and uneven skin tone, keeping the makeup long lasting for a glow and flawless skin. Available in beige and natural pink color.

After all skincare steps, gently apply appropriate amount over entire face. Follow with makeup.

Use every day in the morning. Re-apply after 4-6 hours.

30ml (Beige 01) HK$ 470
30ml (Pink 02) HK$ 470